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Sweat-based drug testing.

Sweat testing provides accurate, long-term, continuous drug detection to help support recovery through empowerment and accountability.

What is TruPatch™?

A single test patch is worn on the skin and tests for drugs for up to 10 days. It is then sent to our CAP/CLIA/SAMHSA-certified lab partner, ensuring accurate results. The accuracy of sweat testing is equivalent to hair, oral fluid, and urine testing, with distinct proven advantages.

Why is sweat testing right for you?

Sweat drug testing provides continuous detection to help support recovery through empowerment and accountability. TruPatch™ can be worn comfortably during most daily activities such as working, bathing, showering, exercising, or swimming.

How can TruPatch™ help?

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and needs an accountability tool, TruPatch™ can help. Our customers include individuals recently completing rehab programs, individuals trying to earn back the trust of loved ones and concerned parents or guardians looking for peace of mind.

What is sweat based testing?

How it works

TruPatch utilizes an absorbent pad to capture insensible perspiration, the uncontrolled loss of sweat from the skin. When an individual uses drugs, the chemical components of the drugs enter the body and metabolize throughout. Those drug molecules are trapped in the absorbent pad and can then be detected by the lab.


We work with a CLIA, CAP, and SAMHSA Certified lab, representing the highest level of accreditation. Quality control for specimen screening and confirmation testing is incredibly strict. Each sweat patch tht screens positive is automatically advanced to confirmation testing via LC-MS/MS, the gold standard of drug testing.

Medical Approvals

Sweat testing is unique because it offers 24/7 detection from the time you put the patch on until you take it off. Traditional drug testing methods, look back at a snapshot in time and can often leave large windows of missed detections. Sweat-based drug testing offers continuous drug detection without limitations.

Designed for comfort

TruPatch is designed to retain evidence of drug use for a long time. You should wear the patch for at least 24 hours to collect enough sweat to test for drugs accurately. You don’t have to change your daily routines, the patch is waterproof so you can wear the patch while showering, exercising, working, and sleeping. Product is made with hypoallergenic adhesive.

6 Simple Steps

In only six simple steps, get accurate and reliable drug test results without disrupting your day-to-day life.

Questions? Feel free to contact us


Apply TruPatch™ and wear for 1-10 days.


After desired wear, remove TruPatch™.


Place in specimen bag.


Register online.


Ship your sample (prepaid return shipping label included).


Get your results (24 – 72 hours).

TruPatch™ Customer Testimonials

Our mission is to support families and individuals build accountability and trust as they navigate known or suspected drug use.

TruPatch has been a great tool to help transition our family member from a residential setting back home. Through daily use, TruPatch acts as a constant reminder of sobriety and has given us added confidence to reintegrate our loved one into normal daily, independent routines. We would highly recommend to other families battling substance abuse.

Matt G.


If you have questions, we are here to help.
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How does the sweat patch work?

TruPatch™ is used to collect sweat from your skin. The patch has a pad that soaks up the sweat. It stays on your skin and collects sweat from the time you put it on until you take it off. Drugs can then be detected in the collected sweat.


What part of the body can I wear the sweat patch on?

The most common place to wear the sweat patch is the upper-outer arm. If you prefer to wear the sweat patch on a different part of the body, that’s okay. Make sure the patch is placed on an area of skin that is free of hair and not exposed to a lot of flexing and wrinkling or rubbing against clothing. The patch should be placed on skin that is smooth and flexed. Allow your skin to cool off before putting the patch on if you have been exercising or outside in high heat.


What comes with the TruPatch™ drug testing kit?

Each kit has everything you need for one test. It includes a sweat patch, an optional overlay, alcohol wipes, tweezers, a specimen bag with a barcode sticker, a prepaid return envelope, a quick start guide, and detailed instructions.


When will my test results be ready?

Samples are shipped via FedEx Ground and should arrive to the lab within 1-5 business days. Results are posted within 24-72 hours of arrival at the lab.


If your results are not ready, your specimen may still be in transit or intake with the lab. Please allow 3-8 days after mailing.