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Application Video

TIP: Have someone help apply and remove the patch.


Instructions for Application


CAUTION: Do not throw away the Quick Start Guide! You can’t register your kit or check your test results without the Personal ID and Lab Numbers provided to you on the back of this card.


Body Area Selection:

Place the patch on the upper-outer arm (see package insert for other places to put the patch). Make sure the patch is placed on skin that is free of hair. Avoid any areas of the skin that have wounds, open sores, or irritations. Arm should be flexed when patch is applied.


Use alcohol wipes (included) to clean the skin where the patch will be placed. Wait 60-90 seconds for the alcohol to dry.


Remove the patch from the sealed wrapper. Remove sticker backing and hold the patch by one of the two wings at the borders while you apply the patch to the skin. Rub your fingers over the patch several times, paying close attention to the corners and edges of the patch.


Find the slit in the paper border on the outside of the patch. As you peel off the border, press the film onto the skin to make sure it adheres well.


Use the overlay to prolong the wear time of the patch.


If using an overlay, remove the overlay from the sealed wrapper. Then remove the full sticker backing and place over the top of the patch so the only portion showing through the window is the pad. Rub your fingers over the overlay to make sure that the corners and edges are stuck to the skin.


Carefully peel off the borders. Start with the inner border and then remove the outer border. Rub your fingers over the film to make sure it adheres well.


Make sure the patch is worn for at least 24 hours (can be worn for up to 10 days).

Then see reverse side for removal instructions.



Removal Video

TIP: Have someone help apply and remove the patch.


Instructions for Removal


Pull ONLY the top edge of either corner of the film down to release it from the skin.


Continue to pull down the film to expose the top of the pad. Clamp the tweezers (included) over the pad and remove.


Promptly place ONLY the pad into the specimen bag (the small, clear bag with sticker barcode) and seal completely. Discard the film. DO NOT place anything other than the pad into the bag.


Go to, “Register Kit” tab, and enter your Personal ID Number and Lab Numbers. You MUST complete this process prior to mailing in your specimen or your sample will NOT be tested.


Place the specimen bag inside the prelabeled return shipping envelope.


Before mailing your sample, you MUST register your kit at, “Register Kit” tab.


Take the envelope to any FedEx Drop Box or location.


To access your test results, visit, “Check Results” tab, enter your Personal ID and Lab Numbers provided in Step 4 above.

Note: It can take up to 48–72 hours after receipt at the lab for your results to become available. Lab times may vary.